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Keep On Movin'  аккорды

  Исполнитель: Five Прислал:
Keep On Movin'


Verse 1

 D                          G(Em)                                       
I woke up today with this feeling, 
      C                           G
That better things are coming my way, 
 D                          G(Em)
And if the sunshine has a meaning, 
        C                              G
Telling me not to let things get in my way.


When rainy days are dying, 
Gotta keep on keep on trying, 
  C                                 G
All the bees and birds are flying (Ahh ahh ahh), 
Never let go gotta hold on in, 
Non-stop till the break on dawn'in, 
  C                               G
Keep movin', Don't stop rocking (Ahh ahh ahh).


       D                G(Em)
Get on up, When you're down, 
      C                 G
Baby take a good look around, 
I know it's not much, 
           G(Em)                C            G
But it's okay, But keep on movin' on anyway.

Verse 2 
Feels like I should be screaming, 
Trying to get through to my friends, 
Sometimes it feels like life has no meaning,
But I know things will be alright in the end.

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